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As a business person your main concern is the success of your business.  Your time is best spent concentrating on that effort.  If you have a web site are you devoting too much time to that effort? Do these responsibilities also include?  


o Designing your company's web site, or
 o Redesigning your company's web site?
 o Maintaining your current site?
 o Introducing ecommerce?
 o Maintaining your ecommerce site?
 o Maximizing your web site impact while controlling costs?


Could you devote this time to running your company? 

If you donít have a web site, what would the advantages be of having one?  Can the possibility of increased business via e-commerce be beneficial for you? 
 We have found ways to improve web sites while controlling costs.  The use of  simple yet innovative techniques and technologies that can increase your sites readability without a major increase in costs!


We have over 70 years experience in all areas of data processing and are currently focusing this experience on web development.
Consider utilizing a professional consultant to provide these needed
Sound interesting, for a no cost review of what I can do for you and how I can possibly help your business, please call me for an appointment at 954-234-5512.


Clicking on the animations and photographs on  this page will link you to a sample of web sites that we have developed or re-designed!